United Fiberglass of America provides
custom designed conduit & support systems
to fit the requirements of your project.

United Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass Conduit, Pipe & Bridge Drain Systems

United Fiberglass is a manufacturer of fiberglass conduit systems and bridge drain systems, and we provide projects with fiberglass systems that perform up to their demanding requirements. We’ve provided major infrastructure projects with fiberglass systems since 1983.

Why do fiberglass conduit systems work so well as alternatives to PVC conduit and rigid steel conduit systems? Fiberglass is the lightest, most flexible and most durable option for your application. Weighing just 15 pounds per 20-foot section in comparison to PVC’s 40 pounds and steel’s 220 pounds, fiberglass conduits are a no-brainer for structures such as bridges and large overhead infrastructure projects. And because United Fiberglass has the flexibility to create components in sizes, configurations and colors to meet your exact needs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient and cost-efficient complete package for your fiberglass conduit needs.

United Fiberglass offers standard, heavy and extra heavy (“bullet resistant”) wall fiberglass conduit models in sizes comparable to the most popular Iron Pipe Sizes (IPS) and inside diameter (ID) sizes). Above ground or below ground, we will supply a conduit system to meet your project delivery schedule.

Whether you’re measuring your project value in thousands, millions or billions of dollars, the engineers at United Fiberglass have the knowledge and experience to help you stay on schedule and save on your bottom line. Call 1-937-325-7305 today to get started or contact us for more information on our fiberglass conduit, pipe, and bridge drain products.