United Fiberglass of America provides
custom designed conduit & support systems
to fit the requirements of your project.

Bridge Drain Systems

United Fiberglass of America can help you design an efficient, cost-effective fiberglass bridge drainage system from scratch.

United Fiberglass bridge drain systems provide the performance, durability and value you need for your most demanding projects. For bridge drainage, fiberglass offers corrosion resistance, customizability and high strength-to-weight ratio, a combination of benefits that are difficult to come by with other materials. Additional benefits include:

  • Durable: Fiberglass has a high resistance to corrosion from oil, gas, salt, ice melting chemicals and other compounds commonly found on roadways.

  • Lightweight: Compared to metallic systems that can be up to five times heavier, fiberglass offers high strength and the ability for long unsupported spans.

  • Thermally Stable: Fiberglass can tolerate temperatures ranging from -40 to 250F, resistant to freezing and bursting. It is also fire-resistant and non-conductive.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Fiberglass drain systems require less energy for production and transport than alternative systems.

  • Design Friendly: With few design restrictions, fiberglass enables a blend of both beauty and strength for visually appealing, functional systems. Fiberglass can come in a variety of colors to match surrounding structures.

At UFA, our skilled staff can work with your staff to engineer and design functional and cost-effective bridge drain systems and fiberglass conduit systems.

As a leading industry manufacturer, United Fiberglass of America will ensure your next bridge drainage project delivers optimal performance, longevity, and safety. For more information on our fiberglass systems, download our bridge drain systems PDF, contact us online or call 1-937-325-7305 today.